What card(s) setup benchmarks the best?


Apr 1, 2009
So i've heard tons of mixed opinions around the web and i guess now its time to ask the smartest bunch on the Internet (Toms Hardware community of course)

If the GTX 295 is the best card on the market right now, is it true that two GTX 275's in SLI can benchmark faster than that? If they can, what benchmarks faster than the GTX 275 SLI? Thanks for the info
Two GTX295s for Quad SLi or Three GTX285s for Triple SLi are the best cards to benchmark for Nvidia.

Two 4870x2s for Quad Xfire, or Three 4890s for Triple Xfire are the best cards to benchmark for ATI.

ATI is making it possible for 8 times Crossfire in the future though...

neon neophyte

2 gtx275s are better than a gtx295 in ALL benchmarks. of course, it also consumes 100+ more watts.

the best setup would be those asus mars cards or whatever. basically, its like an older gtx295 except, instead of using gtx275s, it uses gtx285s. if u used 2 of those in sli, i would GUESS, thats the best setup.

of course those cards are stupid rare. im not even positive they went on sale at all.