What case should I get?


Apr 8, 2012
So basically I'm gonna make my first build ever :D I know the components I need to get but I'm just not sure as to what case to get. I'll get the i5-3500K when it comes out and the new mobos for ivybridge. My budget is around 60-70 dollars and was wondering if I should get the haf 912 as it seems promising. I would like a case with great airflow, the ability for it to fit a large graphics card such as the 7970 and the ability for it to fit two gpus (If i ever want to upgrade in the future). Also, if the case come with a 650 watt psu combo for a great deal, that would be great :) Any suggestions would be great. Thanks :)
All that fancy hardware and a cheap ass case to put it into does not make any sense to me, anyway i wouldnt go any cheap er than one of these and much prefer its looks and specs over the 912
Corsair Carbide Series 300R Black Steel
I've been recommending the Antec ONE as well. It's a great case, it's inexpensive, has two fans, a cable hiding solution, USB3 support so what's not to love?

*I suggest you get a case with front USB3 as well as a motherboard that has USB3 front panel outputs (not just rear USB3). Future thumb drives will reach 500+MBytes/second but USB2 is only 60MBytes/second.