[SOLVED] What Case Will Actually Fit A 4080 Strix?

Dec 8, 2022
I recently bought the 4080 Strix although it hasn't arrived yet I know that it will not fit in my current case, so I need a new one. However; whenever I find a case I like, I see reviews and forum posts of people saying that their 4080 does not fit, let alone the 4080 Strix. Keep in mind, I have only been looking at cases that are large enough to fit a 4080 in theory but according to reviews and posts these cases cannot actually do it. If anyone could point me to a case that they know can actually fit a 4080 Strix (Without vertical mounting) I would be very thankful.



@SpottemGottemm , could you clarify which you are referring to?
Length? [front to back]
Width? [backplate to cooler shroud]
Height? [PCIe slot to the section facing the side panel]

I figure you're asking about the height, due to how the cable adapters are only intended to be bent so much. Plus, some - ok, maybe a lot, of case manufacturers don't provide gpu height clearance, but length and width.
Height clearance is going to be REALLY close to the case's cpu tower cooler clearance, but a smidge shorter.
You have to give the adapter at least 35(?)mm of headroom out from the gpu, so 149.3mm + 35mm = 184.3mm
Alternative is to try to get one of those right angle adapters.
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