Question What cause my pc crash?


Mar 19, 2019
Here's the thing...i barely play any game on my keep crashing(dota2,League Of Legends,Dragon nest,PUBG) even with lowest setting..I thought my OS corrupt and my HDD failing . SO i decide to bought a new SSD and fresh install new OS but the problem still persist..i barey open any browser too ..i always got ' aww snap your browser crash ' on my chrome , just a random crash. I think it's my RAM problem maybe? ( i used 4GBDrr3 x 2 before ) and one of my stick faulty and now im using single stick 4GBddr3 .Is there any chance my single stick gonna be faulty soon? I ran a memtest and several RAM error test software and i got no error tho..Thats why im posting a thead totally lost what happen to my PC..i hope somebody can help me out.Thanks in advanced. My spec;

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Central Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4170 CPU @ 3.70GHz
User Name Administrator
Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce GT 730
Video Memory 4.0 GB
Screen Resolution 1366 x 768
P;s: My problem start to happen when my old MOBO and CPU broken so i send my pc to local shop for a new replacement.Ever since then my pc keep crashing,i send back to my local shop to diagnostic my crash pc and nothing failure detected,what the actual heck is? Old cpu was i3-4150 change to i3-4170 , MOBO from H81m-K to H81M-D