Question What caused a Bios screen color change after graphics card install (pink text on green background) ?


Oct 28, 2020
Hello. I moved my 5700xt graphics card from my 5600x computer to my brother's 10600k computer.
  • Windows boots up fine and it plays games with no problems. However when I startup the computer the bios text and background has changed color. The normally black background is green and the letters are pinkish.
  • Drivers are upto date. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers.
  • The bios looks fine using the 10600k integrated GPU motherboard output.
  • The 5700xt worked fine in my computer and I reseated it twice to make sure it was properly installed.
  • My brother is using an old Dell monitor with a native 1680x1050 resolution on an HDMI cable.

    My guess is it may have something to do with the monitor, but everything is fine with the motherboard video output plugged into that monitor. The computer works fine in Windows, but this has me annoyed. Any suggestions?


I think you are on the right track with the oldish Dell monitor not properly accepting the output from the card at boot-up mode. The monitor is only using the raw output from the card at that point. The drivers you refer to have no effect until Windows in loaded.
You can double check by using the Dell 1680x1050 display on your 5600x machine while the 5700 xt is installed. If the same thing happens, your theory is probably correct.