what causes my laptop to not start up ?


Aug 4, 2013
Model : 5738 G

Issue : When the power button is pressed , HD led lights up but turns of after 2 seconds and screen is just black no sign of booting . No other buttons like bluetooth ,wifi is turning on (that is the concerned LED doesn't lights up)

What I did :

1. Removed power source( adapter and battery) , Pressed and hold power button for 3 mins . And then tried turning on .

Result : Negative

2. Now removed RAM , blow out some dust in it and replaced and triex turning on.

Result : Same - negative.

Back ground of issue :

This is issue has been raising now and then for past couple months. But it has been resolved everytime, when I did the Procedure #1, until now .

I want to make sure what the real cause is before going to repair shop .

I like to find the cause and possible solution on my own(that is without going to repair shop if possible )
And for that I need help from experienced members here.