Question What causes very slow copy/paste transfer?


Mar 15, 2022
Hello. In the past (around 10 months ago) my laptop had a very good copy/paste transfer speed, it was around 150-200MB/s. Now, the speed is mostly around 10-20KB/s, rarely jumps to around 8-10MB/s for a short period of time, several seconds, and then gets back to 10-20KB/s.

The health of my SSD is at 97%, according to CrystalDisk. The OS is Windows 10. The transfer speed from the laptop to USB is even slower.

What causes this problem? Can someone help me?
We know nothing about your hardware. Please list specs of your system. What storage devices are you using?
What are source and destination for copy/paste operation?

Generally with SSDs - performance drops significantly, if SSD is full.
It needs some percentage of space free for drive maintenance and wear leveling to work properly.