Question What Chair Company is Good

Aug 11, 2020
I bought an Ewin Gaming Chair a year ago and I contacted their customer service for replacements for parts because it literally fell apart and cannot function anymore. They pretended to respond and care for a month until completely stopping responding to my emails when they got to the "I picked a color, now send me a replacement" process. I decided I will most likely need a new chair and I sure as hell not buying from Ewin. I did lots of research in BBB, Trustpilot, and YouTube and can't seem to find a good company. Secretlab was my first pick and apparently their chairs can come with defects and their customer service neglects you just like my experience with Ewin. So they were off the list. I researched DX Racer, same thing with them, awful customer service. I researched many other companies and finally, NeedForSeat appeared to be solid but I just don't like their prices and chair designs. What is a good company that I can get a chair from that has good quality and good customer service. My budget is around 200-400. I even researched Clutch, and apparently they even have awful customer service. I feel like there are no companies and I for sure cannot continue sitting on my old chair I got from staples for 50 dollars 6 years ago. Please help!


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