What chipset(s) run coolest?

What chipset runs coolest? For example, I'm sure it isn't nForce4 (which needs a NB fan); I want something newer anyway. The answer can be for Intel (preferred) or for AMD.
I'm going to build another box. It will either become an HTPC / backup server, or my primary gamer (replacing a GA-G33M-DS2R) depending on overall performance. I would like to be able to OC it some, which is a reason I'm concerned about heat. The -DS2R, though feature-rich, runs a little hot and I think that's made it flaky.
GPU will be a 512MB HD3850.


Mar 31, 2007
well, the p35 chipset is i guess a little warm, but it doesn't need a fan for NB. The Gigabyte DS3R has a larger heatsink than the DS3L, and its only warm to the touch @ 400fsb. its a good chipset.


Nvidia's aren't in the running for cool chipsets (they may actually have the hottest ones). The Intel ones aren't bad at all, they are hot but they are also great. If you want cool, i'd imagine chipsets from sis and via would be cool, but they would also suck. I recommend a intel chipset. the p35 is very very good.


Oct 10, 2006
AMD chipsets, and consequently other chipsets made for the AMD platform do run significantly cooler mostly due to the memory controller being on the CPU. Personally, I could not recommend going AMD these days despite that as the performance/watt and consequently performance/thermal output is just not comparable to Intel these days. The P35/X35 is hard to beat in that field.

And yes, Nvidia's do run the hottest today. The only reason to go that route is if you're looking for SLI.

Good luck on your purchase.