what comes first, the mbd or the cpu?


Feb 22, 2005
I've reached the point now where my current pc cannot be upgraded anymore without upgrading motherboard to accomodate...since i've never actually shopped for components seperately as far as mbd and cpu go, which should i choose first? logically (in my opinion) i should find a motherboard first that fits my needs and then find a matching cpu that will go in that board....should that be my route?

Thanks ahead of time,


Jan 31, 2006
Chose your CPU first then your mobo followed by your RAM. Whether you chose AMD or Intel you'll find a wide choice of mobo. To get compatible RAM, once you chose a board, go to the RAM mfg website, enter the board info, and they'll tell you what's compatible.


Jul 10, 2004
Dance between mobo and cpu complicated by gpu as well if you are ever thinking about multiple gpu's. Most important decision is cpu based on your intended use. The branching from there can be mind boggling. Overclock? Home Theatre? Portability? Need for multiple ethernet? All of these choices will dictate the limits for a motherboard choice. Need to start with questions. What do I need to do today? What do I want to do now that I cannot do? What do I want to do tomorrow? Maybe today you just do a little browsing, download some music, play a few midlevel games and edit your home snapshots. Those will dictate one set of choices. Perhaps you want to learn how to create and edit your own movies, you discover a killer MMORG that you become addicted to and win a lifetime supply of free hd porn downloads. That will dictate a whole new set of more expensive and complicated choices. In any case, that's pretty much the starting point for each of us when we decide to start a new build. Good luck.