What comes first?


Jul 18, 2011
I'm in the process of building my first ever computer. As a novice, I need to ask. What comes first after everthing is installed and the power switch has been turned on? Do I change the BIOS settings to load up Windows 7 on an unformatted hard drive or do I format the new hard drive without initally installing Windows 7, then reboot, installing the O/S?

Please take into account that all the parts will be brand new (including the hard drive) so there will be no previous versions of any kind of O/S on the system.

I hope I've worded this right. It's my first time in here so please bare with me.


Well try just putting the win7 installation DVD into the DVD drive and boot the computer.

If it locates the DVD, starts up the win7 installation and the win7 installer finds your HDD you are all set.

If the above doesn't work:
You may need to:
- change the boot order
- enable the sata port where the HDD is connected to

But that should be about it.