Question What components to buy on black friday

Dec 25, 2018
Im already looking at parts for my future computer, and i am on a pretty tight budget of 500 euros. I'm wondering what parts to buy on black friday. there are 3 main parts that make me go over budget by about 50 euros (im not strictly on the 500 euro price, i can do 520 max)
so the parts that are a bit too expensive is
ram: ddr4 16gb 3000 mhz ballistic sport LT
cpu: (ryzen 2400g is currently 130 euros i think it could be lower)
ssd: crucial mx500 500gb
here are the prices and let me know if theres anything else i can save on. And im going to game on the apu temporarily, so I'll get a gpu when i have more money

Forgot to add, since im saving up, i probably will have 200 euros on black friday
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There's no way to know which specific components will have a deal on Black Friday. Most of them will have no special deal. Whatever the retailer has stockpiled will get the best deals. So, they can clear them out of inventory.

It's better to know which specs to look for. Then buy whatever deals are out on Black Friday which meet those specs. You won't have time to ask about any specific deal. As the really good deals will be gone before you get an answer. Flexibility is key to getting the best bang for your buck.

In fact for the killer deals you won't even want to take the time to build up a shopping cart. You'll want to buy them the moment you see them. Then look for the other parts. Those deals could go in a matter of minutes. As there are millions of other people hunting for deals online at the same time you are. Because they all have the same plan as you do. To save some money on Black Friday.

Edit: I'd suggest setting up spreadsheet in Excel or similar program. Then start build a list of components which meet your criteria. It'll be time consuming to setup a large list. That way when you see a deal. You can check your list to make sure it is a fit. Also retailers are pushing their deals earlier than Black Friday. So, that they don't have to compete on the same day. Black Friday is becoming Black November. That killer deal could be at any time during the month.
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Mar 16, 2013
"Black Friday/Cyber Monday" is a marketing term for the period of 1 Nov to 15 Jan.

Will your specific parts be at a reduced price on the exact Black Friday? Highly unlikely.
Especially for new parts just released.

You just have to monitor your chosen retailers every day, often hourly, to see what if anything has gone on sale.

Or, you find the same thing cheaper next week (August).