Question What could be the cause of this stuttering ??

Jul 15, 2019

See there when when the fps drops ?? so yeah i'm having this stuttering problem on all games doesn't matter if the game is on low and in the lowest resolution or maxed out it still happens, in games like Nioh and Dark souls 3 it seems to happen the most when changing areas if it was just that i could live with that the thing is this happens even in the middle of battle and that is fatal in these kind of games, my config is a GTX 1070, 16 gb ram, Ryzen 5 1600, the things i tried are the basic stuff like formating the pc, checking the temperatures, formating and installing a older version of the Windows 10, and lastly putting more 8gb of ram and a ssd (my problem started when i only had a single 8gb ram) strangiest of all after doing this the game i wanted to play the most, The Witcher 3 which i tought had the same problem looked really smooth and i could finally play it so yeah i just finished it a week ago after 390 hours of game without ever seeing this problem on the game, the game ran great especially on the dlcs, i can only think it's some kind of compability problem i'm having here ... thx in advance