Question What could be the reason for packet loss in only a single game and nowhere else?


Sep 25, 2016
I have a fiber optic 100 mbps up and down connection. Recently started playing COD warzone and noticed packet loss going upwards of 300%. My connection is extremely stable and never ever faced any problem with anything be it work or any game whatsoever. I have connected my pc and router via ethernet cable. Yesterday removed the broadband and tried using mobile hotspot and to my surprise all the packet loss was gone. Mobile data speed is 14 to 15kbps. Wish to know what is happening? How do i fix this?
Router - Huawei HG8145V
PC specs:
i7 6700k @ 4.3 GHZ
GTX 1080
16GB DDR4 ram
240GB HyperX ssd
Are you seeing the loss with ping command or is it the game telling you it is getting loss.

Run ping to some addresses while the game is running and see there is any pattern. Things like tend to be good tests. You can also ping your router and the ISP first router (likely hop 2 in a tracert).

If you only see the problems to a couple game servers it could be the connectivity that the game company has between their ISP and yours. The path when you use the hotspot maybe different since your ISP is different.