Question What could have damaged my RAM

Oct 10, 2022
So, my PC has been BSOD-ing recently and after running memtest, I found out that 2 out of my 4 memory modules are failing with a significant number of errors. I ran all modules on all slots and narrowed it down to those 2. Weirdly, while they are all the same make and model, the failing ones are from 2 different sets, bought a year appart. They are even different revisions. I have ran the first set for 2 or 3 years and the second set for a year now haven't had any problems before. For the last year I've been running the now failing modules in slots A2 and B2. Any ideas how 2 sticks from different sets started failing at the same time? Running the other working modules on A2 and B2 works fine btw. Could they have been damaged by something else?

On 5900x. With DOCP/XMP off there are less errors, but still a lot of errors.


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You might want to double check your findings by taking the afflicted set of rams to a known working motherboard. If the ram is functioning as usual without a BSOD, it's possible that your motherboard might be in need of a BIOS update or the memory controller might be being picky/finicky. You can take an eraser and wipe the gold contacts on the sticks of ram, wipe clean of dirt/debris and then try and repopulate them on your board, see if that revives them.

Rams can and will fail over time due to being lackluster in build quality. Power does flow through the IC's meaning that stray power through a badly binned ram kit could also trigger their death. I've even had some kits die out on me due to a grounding issue with the PC/faulty wiring in the crib. Carbon build up on the some ram kit's gold contacts have also prevented some of my builds from not POST'ing.
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