Question What could've caused this bend?


Jan 1, 2014
Hey everyone!

I recently bought a used Gigabyte RX 6600. It was used for mining, but the seller said that the card had never been opened or tinkered with in any way, it was just mining as part of a mining rig.

When I got it, I noticed that the PCB above the "radeon" writing was bent in a weird way, it didn't look like bending caused by gpu sag (the card isn't that heavy anyways), and if the seller isn't lying to me and the card has truly never been opened, that eliminates the possibility of bending caused by thermal pads of the wrong size, overscrewing etc.

The card works fine so far but I'm afraid of the possible damage caused by the bend.

Does anyone have any idea what could've caused this?


Math Geek

Of course the card has been opened. They had to clean it up so you'd be willing to believe the lies they told you. How else are they gonna dump their abused cards on people?

No telling what could cause it. Mishandling it while mounting it, not taking care stacking or packing them sometime in its life or many other things could cause the bending. I'd return it in a heartbeat and buy new rather than tempting fate with an obviously damaged mining card.

Deleted member 2947362

I have heard of cards that have a slight bend due to thermal pads and that would indicates to me 1 of 2 things

1. Poor quality/cheap build and or brand or possible manufacture build error

2. card has been altered in some way or form

you could always compare it to pictures of the same card see if it's normal for that brand of card or an known issue with the make/brand of the graphics card.
If your not happy with what your seeing contact the seller, ask him what happened to the card for it to have a bend and if your still not happy with the card return it get your money back.