What CPU Cooler will fit my motherboard, and do I have to take it out the case?

Aug 13, 2018
Hi, sorry about the weird title, however, I'm wanting to upgrade my CPU fan as I currently use the stock cooler, and I just want it to be cooler and not super hot.

I'd like to not take my motherboard out and put the new CPU cooler onto the motherboard/CPU with screwing it in etc from the back end. Is this possible? And if it is, could you recommend what cooler would fit my motherboard and if it's too big or not. (I'm looking for a blackish, redish one).

My motherboard is a ASUS H110M-R and I have a Intel I3 6100

Below I've attached a few pictures of my pc and the back side.


Thank you a lot for any help you can give me.
First of all, kudos for mounting your stock cooler properly.
I can see all 4 pushpins through the motherboard and locked.

It looks to me like you have plenty of room for a decent air cooler.
Measure the height available. If you have 160mm available, I highly recommend the $35 scythe kotetsu.
Here is a review:
I installed one in by son's 7600K build and it was quiet and effective.

Because you have a cpu cutout in your case, you will not have to remove the motherboard to do the job.
A trick to getting the old cooler off is to run the pc a bit to soften the thermal paste, making it easier to get the old cooler off.

Clean off the old paste from the cpu(and old cooler) with alcohol.
Use a coffee filter which will be lint free.

The new cooler will have a backplate which is installed from the rear of the motherboard.
It is not a difficult process.
Aug 13, 2018

Haha, thank you, however, this is a pre-built system I bought in 2016 I believe. Just measuring it now, thanks for the tips. So installing the new cooler, all I do it apply the thermal paste, screw the back and good to go (I will of course watch videos how to do it properly)

Aswell do you have any links to ones on amazon.co.uk?
Here is one link; I did not look for best price so there may be others:

The order for installing is a bit different.
First, the backplate is attached from the rear, and secured with mounting screws from the main side.
Then some mounting bars are attached from the cpu side.
When applying the thermal paste, do not use too much.
Too much paste will act as an insulator.
It is hard to use too little.
A small drop in the center of the cpu die will spread out under heat and pressure.
The cooler is then placed on top and screwed down.

If there is any tricky part, it may be attaching the fan with the supplied clips.
Make a note of the fan airflow direction. You want the fan to direct the airflow to the back of the case.
I use a marker pen to highlight the direction for future reference.
Aug 13, 2018

Thank you for that. Im just looking at a few others ones, is this any good? Would it fit my motherboard, cpu, and how I dont have to take out my motherboard?
You really should not need a replacement cooler, the stock intel cooler should be doing the job.
The main reason should be for quieter operation under load.
Any 120mm cooler should fit that requirement.

Read the reviews of any cooler you contemplate buying.
Newegg and amazon will have them.

I have no experience with the cooler you linked.

Likely any cooler you buy will not require a motherboard removal.

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