What CPu for the next 3 years?

Aspiring techie

Mar 24, 2015
7700k is about the best CPU one can get for gaming right now. Going with an enthusiast CPU only nets you more cores, not better single thread performance which results in no benefit whatsoever. To be honest, the 7700k is even a tad overkill for gaming right now.
I believe we have hit the crux point for 'cores' vs 'gaming improvement', until the developers of games actually optimize the code specifically for multicore systems. Which means Microsoft and Sony (the dominant two) would also have to buy into the multi core sort of systems for their consoles.

If they did not, then the developers would have to chose, do we want to invest in consoles OR the added separate coding costs of PCs? I think they will knuckle under NOT wanting to displease the console makers, and just 'put out' the basic code they have been. Why would the give up the opportunity? Because it always comes down to MONEY and FUTURE Revenue, period, they are making games to make money not for your entertainment (no matter what anyone believes otherwise). Given Intel AND AMD are getting out of the "PC market", that the new 16+ Cores would be best for server development more than home gaming systems, given that Microsoft has shifted Windows to no 'longer' be a Operating System, but a Operating SERVICE (just like Andriod and iOS), etc. etc. etc. there isn't much future for PC gaming 'per se' and the shift to a 'console' like enviroment, even if was based on VR (as they are now pushing) is still a 'device' like product model not a 'DIY' system. So is there a reason to really 'waste' the money ? Not likely.

6xxx/7xxx Gen cores and current GTX 10 Series are more than enough until you go 4K, VR, etc. super high end gaming, then the excess cores and multiple GPUs are required to keep up with the ULTRA demands.
2011 socket is a bad investment anyways with LGA 2066 being rolled out. If I was building a new computer right now, I would buy either an R5 1600 or a 7700k depending on the performance I expected (basically 1600 for a 60hz monitor and a 7700k for a 144hz monitor is what it comes down to). There aren't a whole lot more chips that make sense atm unless you want to build a light/cheap rig with a G4560.

The i7 7700K will last you longer than 3 years easy, more like 5+.

I was running an I7 870 until about a week ago.... That's 1st generation.... 7 Years.... And it would still play anything I wanted....

I went from 1st generation i7 to 7th Generation i7......