Question What CPU should I get for under 170€

Jan 2, 2019
So I bought a used GTX 970 cheap a while ago and its working perfectly, only thing that bothers me is my CPU (Intel I3 4170). My mainboard is an H81M-A with LGA 1150.

As you can see from my setup, I dont have an opportunity to put in a lot of money into my pc, so I have 2 questions:

1. What CPU should I get for about 170€? (I could go a little higher, like 190, but only if its really worth it)

2. Are used CPUs usable like used GPUs or should I stay away from them?

I dont need the best setting, I just want to be able to play games like FarCry 5 or ARK on 1080p and medium settings with good fps.

Thanks for reading :)
What will work.
Best- I7 4790K for around 115€
Good- i5 4690k for around 60€

You will need more than a Stock Cooler though and yes they will match up fine with a 970 GTX.

Non K versions would also be viable provided you can find them, those were normally OEM chips and harder to find.

I would suggest you check these in order. "Generally overpriced" "Not as likely to find them but possible"
Classifieds on your area.
Low profile cooler must have been in a HTPC I would guess. Be aware though that RAM with large heat spreaders are probably going to interfere with it also your only going to be able to apply a moderate Overclock since those 4th gem chips run pretty warm as is.