Discussion what-cpus-are-compatible-with-socket-988b-rpga.2021 thread

Feb 19, 2021
Hallo from germany

i hope you guys able help me here

i did buy a used laptop about 2 years ago and in first he runs good but if more used it , the slower it went.

main problem now to this is : its old hardware i didnt knew its THAT OLD, as i bought it.
what i need to know now is :
which still available to get best of cpu is possible to put in to make this laptop at least better to work with.
i know its outdated hardware but there must be still options to upgrade that crappy thing.

here my detailed infos about the system:
HP laptop 179c kbc version 42.32
bios version :
hp 68ICE ver.f.40
date was 01/31/2013

chipset is "sandy bridge " rev 09
ram is already upgrade to 8 gig from formerly 4 ram

cpu is a "intel celeron b840"
socket 988b rpga
family 6 /model a /stepping 7
it works on 2 cores
and i need a better faster and stronger cpu

i hope anybody able and willing to help me with this here asap. thank you