Question What device and carrier can I use to have my laptop/desktop connect to internet via 4G LTE and USB port


May 13, 2018
What I want is a device as shown in this video:
It is a device that can insert into USB port of my laptop/desktop like a flash disk. After I insert a 4G SIM car into the device, the device will receive 4G signal and communicate with the laptop/desktop through the USB port so that the laptop/desktop can connect to internet. My questions are: 1) What is the formal English name for this device? 2) What carrier (and its data plan) in USA supports this device? Thank you.

PS: I'm not talking about wifi. My laptop/desktop has no capability to receive any 4G data signal. Also I'm not talking about hotspot.
You best option is to look on the web sites of the 4g carrier you plan to use. Not all devices work on all carriers. Some carriers will only activate devices they sell even when third party devices are identical.

You used to be able to get these devices from walmart on some of their prepaid plans, I have not looked in a couple years so they may not sell them anymore.