[SOLVED] What did the Windows Troubleshooter actually do?


Dec 28, 2009
I was having a great deal of trouble getting a pair of Bluetooth speakers working on a Mac Pro under Windows 10. After beating my head against a brick wall, I decided to give the MS Bluetooth troubleshooter a try. To my surprise (since the MS troubleshooters rarely actually fix anything), it actually resolved the problem.

What was interesting was how it supposedly fixed the problem. It said that it turned the Bluetooth radio on. Really? Then how have I been using a Bluetooth mouse for several weeks?

Anyone have a clue what the troubleshooter actually did? The Mac has all the necessary Bluetooth drivers installed by Apple's Boot Camp installer.


Applied magic may be a simpler answer. :)

Overall what the troubleshooters do is examine the current and relevant system settings and configurations which includes looking at all the processes, the services, and associated dependencies amongst themselves. Purpose being to see what is and is not running versus what should and should not be running.

Yes, Bluetooth radio was likely running for the mouse but something with the audio drivers required (for example) that they "see" (or"saw") the Bluetooth radio turned on. And maybe at some particular point during the initial configuration.

So until the Windows Windows troubleshooters actually did turn the Bluetooth radio off and on again, the speakers were not functional.

Plus that may be all the more complicated with the host computer being a Mac Pro. (No disparagement or disrespect intended.)

Keep track of what you did - there is a good chance the Bluetooth radio will need to be turned on again.

Some update or other sequence of events will turn it off and forget/fail to turn it on again. Especially if there is some buggy code involved.
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