Question What do I do in this situation?

Sep 28, 2020
My question: If I do not have the proper bios menu to change usb settings to install windows, windows drives don’t properly read boot data, and FreeDOS is installed on another drive how do I get windows to boot?

Attached in the first image below is a picture of my computers (EL1358G-52W) bios. In order to run windows installation I need to enable some setting but they are not present, and all tutorials feature a different bios menu.

The reason I got stuck in this mess is because I needed to perform a bios update. Because the “CMOS setup utility” (the only thing I have an option to open besides boot menu) did not have a flash tool built-in to my knowledge. I downloaded and installed FreeDOS because it allowed me to use afudos to install my rom. It performed successfully however after switching to a different hard drive the computer did not boot to windows, just a black screen with blinking cursor. (NOTE: The two different hard drives I tested have windows installed and work in other computers.) No other USB drives were plugged in and the drive was set to top priority. I even manually selected the drive in boot menu but it opens to the blinking cursor.

I need to attempt a windows installation through the computer itself because I believe that will work however (MORE QUESTIONS) I do not have such USB options in this so called “CMOS setup utility”. Is this actually my computers bios, if so how do I get my windows installation USB to not give me an error screen (posted below)? If not how do I access it if I can’t boot through windows? If have a drive with only FreeDOS installed on it would it be possible to run a FreeDOS command to run the ISO file?


Any help would be greatly appreciated ask questions if you need to!!