What do i do when my computer isnt recognizing any mic i plug in?



Okay, so about two months ago I was talkin to my boyfriend on xfire with the call chat thing, well I couldnt hear him well so I went into my sound options on the computer to try and turn the sound up to hear him better. Somehow I think I disabled it or deleted the sound card or whatever, but ever since then I have been trying to fiz the problem. I have bought multiple mics and the computer doesnt recognize that I have any plugged in. I can plug the headphone one in and can hear perfectly, and I can plug the mic in and can hear myself speaking through the speakers on the computer. But, once again the computer doesnt recognize I have a mic plugged in, just that I have plugged something into the audio jack. I would really appreciate some help on this. =(


Nov 27, 2008
Look around in the device manager (right-click My Computer>Properties>Hardware Tab) and fix any warning/errors. Also make sure you are trying a different USB slot if that is what your mic uses.