What do I do with Temp # Trying to get password reset

Without knowing what this is relating to, if you want more help, you need to give some detailed info. What password are you trying to rest? Did you contact the support for whatever application/site the password is for? If this is for Toms, there is a help feature that is not the forums for that stuff.


Dec 27, 2010
I gave, up a multi-million dollar com. could not let or help one middle age lady who had a lapse in memory one time when i went to sign in to a mailbox I had for years. The secrect ques., was answered correctly, my father has the same middle name for 76 yrs. now. I'm going to sign-up with google or yahoo I am so uoset I lost all my contacts, I am disabled and was making a little extra money doing surveys on-line, I also lost those contacts, it's just been a bad experience.