Question What do I do?

May 20, 2019
I have a 1060 6GB. Should I sell it to buy the msi oc 2060? in my country it costs ~350 euros w/delivery. Yes or no? CPU: i5 8400. 16gb ram ddr4. resolution: 1080p60hz. I want to play AAA games smoothly.
Okay. The RTX GPU is much faster than your current GTX 1060 GPU. For 1080p/60Hz you won't be needing a powerful GPU like the RTX 2060, but the card will be slightly future-proof as well, just in case you want to upgrade your MONITOR as well, in near future..And, you might also notice performance gains while Gaming.

But, if you really want to upgrade, just make sure you are having a decent high quality minimum 500-550 Watts PSU for the RTX card. You would also be needing PCI-e connectors from the PSU (6/8-PIN) as applicable, depending on the RTX GPU model.

If you are not sure about the PSU, then open the ATX cabinet, and check the PSU's Label. That will give an idea about the make/brand, and quality of the power supply.
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