Question What do i gain with SLI?


Apr 8, 2015
i am thinking about getting (2 )2080 Ti . i was thinking about doing 4k and ray tracing for my games and photo editing.

Thanks Guys!
For GAMING SLI is not worth the hassle. For other tasks, okay, but when it comes to games, it would be a wise decision to get a SINGLE powerful GPU instead.

Games don't scale well on an SLI setup. It might help with some future Ray tracing games, but ONLY if the game's Engine supports SLI/NVLINK, and the game developers implement this feature in games.

ELSE, you would be just wasting the potential of one of the GPUs, and it will draw extra power as well.
What do you gain?
Headaches and little performance gain in games.

Unlike older games, modern or even semi-modern games are not designed with SLI or Crossfire setups in mind. Usually, you will see no performance benefit over 1 2080ti in modern games. A lot of modern games will also have headache-inducing issues on SLI or crossfire setups such as stutter or visual artifacts.

Some other applications can benefit from SLI, but I would imagine your performance in photo editing is already enough that you would see little gain over 1 GPU from another 2080ti, assuming your application supports multi gpu scaling.


WHEN it actually works, the gains are SUBJECTIVE TO THE USER'S PERSONAL INVESTMENT in such a setup.
It can also pigeonhole you into playing only the well-supported titles, because when it doesn't work... you now have a $1000+ card sitting there doing a whole lot of nothing(not taking into account the other little 'intricacies')

If I had blown $2000+ on 2x 2080Tis, I could see myself only playing games that SLI worked well on...
So I could further enforce the self-denial that I wasted $1000+.