[SOLVED] What do I lose by running a GSync monitor as a high fixed-refresh rate monitor on an AMD card vs. using a FreeSync monitor?



That doesn't make sense. The question was essentially what I lose by having a high-refresh fixed-rate monitor vs. FreeSync.

So, if it "behaves like any normal monitor", then it can't be that I lose nothing. Or else you're saying nothing is gained by FreeSync, which I don't believe.

Now, I should have stipulated that I don't care about LFC (Low-Framerate Compensation).

I mean, if you use a G-Sync monitor, it can still behave like a normal monitor when used with an AMD card. Most people asking about this type of question are worried that they won't be able to get the full 144 Hz or whatever, because they are worried the NVIDIA-AMD mismatch will cause the monitor to not work, or work in a limited capacity or something like that.

Other than not being able to use the NVIDIA features (G-Sync, ULMB), you will not lose any of the normal monitor functionality on a G-Sync monitor if you use it with a non-NVIDIA graphics card.