What do I need for my MacBook and my PC Desktop To Share a Monitor?

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Rolex John

Feb 1, 2011
I'll try to be brief and concise. I just purchased a MacBook Pro, and already have a desktop PC with a 24" Samsung Synchmaster display.

The end goal would be to share the monitor between the PC and the Macbook - I'm envisioning some sort of A/B switchbox which would save me from having to get behind the monitor and switch out the cables every time I want to go between the two computers.

I believe I have all the necessary cabling (I've already played with doing a two display setup with the Macbook) and have ordered a bluetooth keyboard for the MacBook, but could use some direction and recommendations on the switchbox?
Wouldn't it be a lot easier and cheaper to simply use remote desktop (e.g., VNC)? I use VNC on my primary desktop to manage all my other machines all the time, works great, and it's fast.

Using a laptop in particular further complicates a KVM since obviously the laptop is portable. So unless you also use a docking station, you'll be pulling cables/cords all the time. Ugg.

Also, most monitors support multiple inputs. Can't you just use different connections and toggle between them w/ the monitor's OSD?
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