What do I need to do after building PC (assembling components together)?

Apr 26, 2018
So i'm about to assemble my PC together and just wanted to make sure I know what I need to do once that is done.

I have already installed Windows into a my USB stick and have the Registration key ready to go.

So far i have this down:
1) Download all drivers for motherboard
2) Download GeForece driver (I have a GTX 1060 graphics card)
3) Download AMD Ryzen Driver for my CPU

Am I missing anything else or any of the stuff I said previously is not required?


Since you have a dedicated GPU you probably won't need that Ryzen driver. Just make sure that if your going with a newer Ryzen (2200G/2600/2700/ETC) and a B350 motherboard (or A320/X370) that the motherboard BIOS is up to date to support the newer CPUs.
Once you put it all together, install windows. Windows will want to connect to the net and update everything anyway.

After that's all done, you can go into device manager and see what is not working (it will have a yellow triangle next to it) then you can download/install the drivers for things that are not working.

Chance are though, everything will work perfectly well and nothing will need updating.

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