Question What do I need to upgrade to be able to use an RTX card?


Apr 28, 2017
Hi, I have a prebuilt HP Pavillion pc (specs: HP Pavillion 510-119nl)
The GPU died, and since I wanted to do stuff with raytracing and deeplearning I wanted to get an RTX card.
There are 2 main concerns:
1st) the motherboard doesn't have space for 2 slot gpus. The 24 pin connector is (sadly) just near the PCI port. You can look at the photos of the motherboard if you want to.
2nd: the psu is only 180W.
Now, I tought about getting a H110 mobo from ASUS: MOBO (I'm in Italy btw)
...and some of the 500w PSUs that you can get almost everywhere.
But I don't understand the compatibility between gpu psu and mobo.
Do I need to look for a specific-sized PSU with a particular motherboard-connector and gpu-connector? Does that motherboard support newest video cards?
What should I look for to get one of those cards?
BTW: if today I buy only PSU and MOBO, can I be sure that my PC will support upcoming cards like RTX 3080 or new AMD cards?

PS: sorry for my bad english.


You'll need a new motherboard if you can't fit a a dual-slot GPU and it's also very likely a new case; if the PC wasn't designed for dual-slot GPUs, combined with the fact that it's a pre-built, make that need likely.

A new PSU is enough. Not just any PSU though, a quality PSU. Many of the 500W PSUs you can "get almost anywhere" are garbage. Your exact PSU will depend on what RTX card you choose.
You can buy a 90 degree adapter for your 24 pin connector:

Of more importance is your psu.
180W will not run even a RTX2060 card.
You are looking at 500w up to 600w.
I might suggest a seasonic focus 550 or 650w psu.
This assumes you have a standard ATX PSU.( the rear dimensions should be 86 x 150mm.

Then, a hot graphics card is going to need better case ventilation than what I see.
I think you should add a better case to your upgrade plans.
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