Question What do I replace my 6 year old Windows XPS One all in one with?


Jul 15, 2016
My 6 year old Dell XPS One is a too slow (Photoshop takes a minute to open and the system too often hangs) and is starting to have problems (probably with the network card). It has an I7-4770S (3.1. Ghz) CPU, 16 gb of Ram, Windows 10 pro, and a 2 tb hard disk (it also had a small SSD drive, but that stopped working awhile ago) with a 2560x1440 monitor resolution.

The all-in-one's don't seem that appealing, so I'm thinking of going with a NUC or mini pc and attaching it to the back of a new monitor I do need at least 2 tb of space (my internet connection isn't good enough for me to rely on the cloud).

The only CPU intensive work I do is with large Photoshop files.

Which NUC or mini should I get and what should I put inside? Also, if you have suggestions for a 30-32" monitor (or what I should look for), I'd appreciate it. My budget is up to $2000.

Thank you.