[SOLVED] What do i upgrade next?


Jul 14, 2016
I5 4690 (non k) - stock cooler
Gtx 960 2gb
2x 4GB DDR3
Z97 pro gamer mobo
Phanteks Enthoo Pro M case

240gb m.2 960 evo ssd
2x 120gb SATA SSD
1x 1TB 7200 HDD

I don't play much but when i do it's usually GTA V, BF4/1, JC3, Payday 2.

When I play gta v or bf1 (not sure about 4) I'm constantly at 100% CPU which makes me think I've got a CPU bottleneck but I would think an i5 4690 3.5-3.9GHz would be sufficient. There are also videos of people playing with an i5 4690 without 100% on the same games (https://youtu.be/lxKjEcPHzsk ). I also stutter a lot in game.

I'm currently playing on a 1080p 60hz monitor but I want to upgrade so that i have the capability to play 1440p 144hz down the line.

So what do I get? How come my cpu is at 100% when other people with the same specs get 80%? I don't have any background processes using any cpu when gaming so I'm really confused.

I also want some peripherals like an rgb keyboard and rgb fans

Just trynna get someone else's opinion on the matter before I go and shell out a load of money on the wrong thing

The Paladin

if your going to go to a 144Mhz 1440p you will need a better video card i.e : 1070 to 1080ti
I would upgrade from your 2x4gb to 2x8GB and push ram to 16GB of Ram while your at it, since your motherboard according to the specs of the manufacturer at : you can 4 x DIMM, Max. 32GB, DDR3 @ 3200(O.C.), 3100(O.C.), 3000(O.C.), 2933(O.C.), 2800(O.C.), 2666(O.C.), 2500(O.C.), 2400(O.C.), 2200(O.C.), 2133(O.C.), 2000(O.C.), 1866(O.C.), 1600/1333 MHz Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory so get what best speed you can and use XMP on the board to OC the ram.
consider getting a I7-4790K ( about 250$) and overclock it to 4.7-4.9Ghz. (will need an AIO cooler for that though)

all in all no more than are quite a few hundreds dollars upgrades for CPU/RAM... for a 4th gen system

I7-4790K ~ 250
Memory ~ 100$
AIO ~ 100
!~ 450$

probably better off to get i5-8600/Mobo DDR4 3200 16GB for same price to be honest
of course video card/monitor upgrade will remain as well.

see suggestion below
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CPU: Intel - Core i5-8600 3.1 GHz 6-Core Processor ($246.45 @ Amazon)
Motherboard: Gigabyte - B360M DS3H Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($69.99 @ Amazon)
Memory: Team - Vulcan 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-2666 Memory ($99.99 @ Newegg)
Total: $416.43
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Oct 26, 2018
You're talking about AAA titles.... A quick breakdown would be....

Your Ram, only 8gb, certain games will starve your system.

Your graphics card, only 2gb vram, again on the low side, likely to play a role in your performance

make sure your system is running on high performance settings.

Update your bios

Undo any driver updates they might have caused the stutter

I'm not sure what you're talking about, the video that you linked, shows the guy at 90-100% cpu usage, only when he got out of town he started hitting 80ish.

Put simply, you're talking about some cpu intensive games, your locked cpu doesn't help, even though it's got Turbo boost, you can understand that other people alleviate bottleneck from cpu by going to 4.5-4.7ghz, that's quite a big difference. You've got a Z board, maybe you can get an i7 for a good price? Used yes, but it's quite a nice drop in upgrade. Won't last forever, but it will bump up your performance.

It's more like this, you can get an i7 used and a new GPU. They'll last you another year or two. But you won't play 144hz. Or you aim to make the investment and try sell your current system to offset some spending.