Question What do these do?

Contact jumpers. in olden times there used to be many on MB and other components, Those just make short between 2 pins and are insulated from others. In newer HW most of their function was taken over by firmware but my find some one newer components.
I recall using these jumpers on some rather large pin blocks for making settings. It was fun decoding bit-mapped jumper combinations for things like display resolution and color depth on VGA cards...baud rate, handshaking, parity settings for modems... CPU core voltage, clock settings and memory configuration for motherboards.

Gotta love modern firmware and driver configuration, no matter how confusing and bug-ridden they may be it's better than those nightmares.
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Oct 13, 2020
Beautiful things, have come across them in many computers and laptops over the years,

CD Rom - Master or slave,
Hard Drive - Master, slave or cable select,
Motherboard - Reset CMOS bios / Voltages etc / CPU settings,
Graphics cards - Voltages,

Back in the day when we had computer fairs in the UK, they used to sell different colours so it was perfect for people like me who used to want to colour code the inside of the computer with matching cable ties, jumpers, cable wrap, fan blades etc and that was before cases had windows so nobody could see the effort taken, just a personal satisfaction lol,

Great times, always something to learn back then, now-a-days it's all a lot easier, stick it together and switch it on - job done.
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