What do u Think about these brands of RAM ?



Hi guys , i wanna know if i can trust these Brands , are they High Quality Brands ? I wanna get 2x2Gb 1333Mhz DDR3 of them , & all i found was CL9 ! Please answer my Questions , i wanna Identify HIGH-END products , top Grades , please tell me if u see Medium or Low grade RAM here ?

I do no OC , do no CF , Just lot s of gaming thats all !



1.IS CL9 good enough ! or CL 8 or lower is better ?
2.How many models each brand has ?
3.i heard that OCZ has problems with giga mobos ?
4.which are the best rams for Intel system ( mobos ) ?
5.Which are the best ram for AMD system ( Mobos ) ?
6.which of them are GAMING RAMS ?
7.what is the Best Model of , each of them ?
8.is that true that Kingstone doesnt produce anymore ?

CL9 ram works fine; my new gskill runs at 9-9-9-24 just fine, and permits some overclocking of the cpu. I recommend the 1600 gskill or corsair. Both are quality brands. I wouldn't spend almost double for faster timings; it's not worth it. The performance gain is negligible. Better to go with 8 gb for windows 64 bit setups than spend more for faster timings.


Ok , wait a sec ! what about the other brands ? Kingmax ? then i dont want 1600 since its more expensive & has no difference with 1333Mhz , 1333 matches better with hardwares ,

My CPU can be i5 760 + ATI 6870 or i may go for AMD 965BE +ATI 6870 . now i wanna know which brands are best for both CPU ( i mean each CPU ! ) . & tell me if 1333 or 1600 is better for them ! i dont wanna OC my CPU & dont forget to give opinion about rest of the BRANDS !
I have tried nearly all those brands except adata. I had no problems with defective sticks. I suggest you do some research on the warranty of each in your country. Go with a brand with a lifetime warranty. As far as 1333 or 1600, either one will work fine. For your motherboard, if 1333 is all it will run at, then get 1333 if it's cheaper. I found 1600 for about the same price, so that was my choice. 1600 ram will run at the lower setting on most boards. Some boards only run at 1066 by default; you have to set the ram speed higher using the manual setting.
Crucial for budget
forget the rest

1. CAS 8 is better; all other things equal
2. {several}; I'm not going to count
3. OCZ isn't on my list; but OCZ + GA isn't a problem; most people don't bother to verify compatibility
4. Only the RAM listed as QVL and or Tested per RAM Mfg; Intel is a pain to verify compatibility
5. Currently the fastest RAM for AMD are G.SKILL 2000 MHz Flare line, but you must have a 6-core
6. Gaming RAM differs primary on the extensive use of heat spreaders e.g. Dominator or Flare
7. My Intel RAM preference is the Corsair Dominator & Dominator GT lines
8. Kingstone? -> if you mean Kingston then no that RAM Mfg is very much doing extremely well.

I 'get' ALL of the stuff you want, but no one is going to take a hour or two to write a theoretical report. If you're not going to OC then lines like the Dominator or Flare are overkill. If you do not have 6-core get 1333 MHz or 1600 MHz and nothing faster. It's all about balance; having killer RAM with a slow HDD or a lesser CPU is a POOR choice.

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