Question What do water cooling components plug into?

Jan 22, 2022
I'm fully watercooling my pc so that would include a cpu water block, gpu water block, radiator, radiator fans, and my pump/reservoir combo. What do I need to plug all of that in to and what cables would I need for them?
It would really help if you would list what your components are and what is most important for what you want.
In that meaning Rgb, bios control or software control over rgb and fan / pump speed.

Myself I went with a Corsair Commander Core Xt controller controlled with Icue software.
I have my pump, Ek fow meter, and 3x 120mm fans plugged into it on the pwm side.
On the Rgb side I currently have just the Corsair Xc7 but I just ordered 3x 4pin rgb to argb adapters to plug in my Ek pump, Ek gpu block to control through Icue software instead of the mobo.
To control those 2 components, I have to install Asus Armoury Crate which makes 1 of my games unplayable.
So for right now the rgb is in random rainbow effect and game is playable without Armoury Crate.

I Also have a thermaltake 10 port sata powered fan hub plugged into the cpu fan header controlling 7x 140mm fans bios controlled, there again no software control because I would need Armoury Crate.
For whatever reason I could not get fan rpm signal when hooked to the commander core xt.

So it's a little more then I have cpu,gpu blocks, fans what do I need.