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May 31, 2004
A few days back my gigabyte radeon 9800 pro fan died. I was ready to order a new heatsink and fan like the ones used for overclocking, but i was wondering if a case fan mounted on the heatsink would work.

http://nojoy.50megs.com/Picture 003.jpg
(sorry 50 megs can suck cause of the no re-link thing they have, just copy and paste.)

Welp 2-3 days without shutting down the pc and playing ut2k4 constantly my card still running smooth.

Now heres where i need help, if you notice on the pic the top of the case fan isnt screwed in anywhere, only thing holding it in place is wire under it and the case being on its side. Any suggestions to how i can fix that, ide like to turn my pc up straight someday =)

Any feedbacks or suggestions are welcome.


May 16, 2002
Get a spare blank plate (the ones you remove whenever you stick a new card in), bend it out flat so that when screwed in it sticks into the case roughly level with the fan. then you just need to fix the fan to the flattened blank somehow. Maybe twist it thru 90 degrees and drill a hole that lines up with the fan hole, for a screw?

That should give a bracket that holds it in place well enough - it's not like case fans weigh that much.

I used a case fan on my geforce4 card, but that had such a huge heatsink I could simply attach screws straight thru to fit between the fins so I didn't have any problem.

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Jun 3, 2004
That's fabulous. I'm a big fan of the big fan, LOL. You may be able to cool that case down a bit if you clear a path for some airflow in there!

Seriously, Mac owns. :wink: