What do you key in on


Oct 16, 2009
When looking at todays best price points or better gaming monitors what do you want to look for.

Higher the resolution I guess is the better especially if you want a large screen but what else. At this point I have a cheap lcd from 2 years ago that might have cost $150-ish. Upgrading everything very soon. Looking forward to crysis possibly a 3 screen but I haven't spoken to anyone about that 3 screen gaming experience yet VS a larger screen.

I think I'm gonna buy a Radion 4870 for about $150 and then pick another up down the line after I get 1 screen of gaming going.
If you're going for multi-screen gaming, there is nothing better than ATI's newer HD5k lineup. However, if you're aiming for crysis multi-screen gaming, then you will need no less than the HD5850 ($300). It's an extremely great card, and will do you justice in your gaming needs. But for a 3-monitor setup on crysis, it depends on what you're looking for. If you want high settings, you'll need a CrossFire setup with the HD5870. But if you don't care much for eye-candy, go with a 5850.