Question What do you think of modding this case to fit modern components?


Nov 9, 2013
Here is a link to the type of case I want to buy since it is SFF for a micro atx motherboard:
I have made a diagram from a screenshot of the case of my layout idea. Basically I would use a riser cable to install my RX 570 flat and maybe zip tie it to the case and PCIE slot or drill some brackets into it somehow. Would zip ties work if I secured it tightly enough? The lid has two holes for ventilation on the removable side panel which is perfect for the gpu orientation.
The case has room for a flex PSU beneath the PCIE slots so I would install one there if not I would remove the HDD/CD Drive Cage and install an sfx 500 watt silverstone PSU which should fit in this case. I am using the stock Ryzen Cooler which would fit as well I think. All I would need to buy is the PSU, case, and riser cable as it already fits a micro atx motherboard.
I was thinking to install the HDD/SSD at the top panel above the mobo either with screws or velcro/double sided tape on the safe part of the HDD and on the shell of the SSD. I used that method before for a few months and it was quite secure.
Would this case be easy to carry around? I know I would be better off getting an ITX case but ITX parts are really expensive. I would like to keep my original parts if possible.

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