Question what do you think of my future gaming computer?


May 9, 2017
Hi, thanks for coming here and reading my thread.

I am thinking about building a new computer and planning to edit videos, play games such as PUBG with great fps (COMPETITIVE SETTINGS), DOTA 2, CSGO, and MORE.

Here is my build,

Also, I am thinking of making my GPU stand vertically.

-I will not be overclocking. Do you think I should buy a CPU cooler?
-Should I buy this or that?
-Do I need this or that?
-What other parts you think will work better?

Thx much!
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May 9, 2017
if you're not going to overclock then get the non-K version of that CPU. the non K versions do include a cooler although the stock coolers are not that great and games like PUBG and CSGO shouldn't be too demanding for a modern CPU
i might overclock in the future if i need to. What do you think? thx Charisma.


Sep 20, 2008
id change the memory, im no expert but found that memorry tto be terrrible at overclocking, ended up getting cas 14-14-14-31 3200ghz samsung b dies.
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Your build will work as is, but, I have some thoughts:

1. A balanced gamer will budget 2x the cost of the cpu for the graphics card. You are spot on there.

2. The K suffix processors do not come with a cooler so, yes, you need one.
I would not buy a hyper212. It is popular because it is cheap.
Past that, it is nasty to install properly.

You really should have a good cooler.
From a performance and quietness point of view, you could use any of the noctua coolers, NH-U12s, NH-U14s, NH-D15s.
There are other coolers that have more rgb "bling" .
Most any with a 140mm fan is going to work OK.

3. The 9700K is a beast at stock. You could run that way.
Intel recently announced a automatic performance maximizing program for 9th gen processors.,6179.html
In time, you might want to use it.

4. If you are planning to use the HDD for storing large sequential files such as videos, a HDD is a good idea.
OTOH, if your main use is for gaming, I would put that budget towards a 1tb ssd
You can always add a HDD if you run out of room.
I like the Samsung 860 m.2 evo. The m.2 format plugs into the motherboard, with no need for data or signal cables.

5. EVGA sells some good and not so good power supplies
It is not clear to me where your unit stands on this list:

I suggest a Seasonic focus gold in 650 or 750w capacity, it will have a 10 year warranty: