What do you think of this build?


Aug 26, 2010
Given what you are looking for and what is included I would hesitate from buying. It would do alright but you could do much better building yourself. Some of the potential problems I see:

1) Unlocked card that you won't used (could save $ here)
2) The 6850 is a decent GPU but you could do much better IMHO
3) While the SSD is large its only SATA I. I personally would want SATA II or SATA III but that would increase your cost significantly so it depends on what you want to spend.

Some of the good things:
1) CM HAF cases are good
2) Even if you don't OC the 2500K is great
3) Seasonic PSUs are also fantastic however if you are considering SLI you might want a bit more power (depends on your GPU selection though)

Again, for a quick no thought build it would work but with a little time invested in picking out parts I think you could do much better.

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