What do you want in a Custom Computer Case?


Oct 26, 2008
Ok I am going to make a custom computer case and would like to know what you guys want to see in one. I a planing to make up to four, keeping one for myself, giving one away for free, and selling the other two. The way you win the free one is to ass your ideas for a custom case and if I feel that it can fit into the original design and think it's a good idea you are entered into the contest! What I am trying to get from you guys just ideas, or designs such as size, shape, and all that other good stuff. So what do you guys want in a custom build??

Lighted Fans
Custom design, engraving

However you can say I would want a Cod themed case with a gun engraved on the side.
Also you can say what colors you would think would look good with the theme or design of case.

Don't forget, a CASE COLOR!


May 29, 2009
1mm aluminium, matx so it like a box. 140mm intake 80mm intake side of cpu, 80mm intake side of gpu 1 hdd +1 external 3.25. Any COD4 mw ghillie /camo painting, removable mobo tray+ sidepanel lock = win lan party case


Front intake Fan/s
Top Exhaust Fan/s
Bottom PSU mount
Side door grill over GPU area

See through Side door
Fan mount on side door
Grill below PSU (to install inverted pulling air from below instead of inside case)

Color/Theme: Stealth
Painted Black inside and out. (Let the LEDs do the glowing).
Make the case have angled lines like an F22 or F119

Almost every case is a straight box or has tacky plastic addons; I would like to see something shaped differently. The sides angle out and make air intakes out of the front/rear triangles. Clear on the top left like a cockpit, fan bottom left. Maybe an underneath CPU fan on the right side.
I love and personally own a shoebox/cube form factor rig so for a custom case:

1. Cube/Shoebox with aluminium chasis
2. Removeable mobo tray
3. Ability to fit HD 5970
4. At least 2 x 120mm for cooling
5. In built (maybe just 1) 2.5" bay for SSD maybe?
6. Placement of HSF not under PSU to allow taller after market HSF use
7. Sturdy and durable handle to inspire user confidence for portability i.e LAN parties, moving from house/dorm to house/dorm :p
1. Deep enough to fit a Megahalems.

2. Space for 2x 320 rads internally (yes, I know, it's going to be a VERY BIG case). "Big" is probably an understatement.

3. 1.5-2mm Aluminum, painted black with clear coat(s).

4. Bottom mounted PSU

5. At least 4x 3.5" bays with 1x external 3.5". At least 3x 5.25". At least 2x 2.5" (for SSDs).

6. Power/reset switches on top of case. 2x FireWire, 2x eSATA and 3x USB on front.

7. 3-4.5mm hole/octogon/pentagon mesh on side panel.

8. 1x 120mm intake and 1x 120mm exhaust

9. Mounting holes for EATX,ATX,mATX.

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