Question What does it mean if artefacts don't show in any form of screen capture?

unplanned bacon

Jan 11, 2014
I'm talking anything from white dots dancing around the screen to green lines to screen dropping out to anything that looks like a typical artefact. Every time I've taken a screenshot or screen recording when this is going on, the captured file looks perfectly fine (even when my screen was covered in green lines, the screenshot said my GPU is rendering what it should be). There was one time when my GPU wasn't even a day old where I got artefacts in Planet Coaster, but I didn't screenshot it. I was still using the GTX 780's drivers with my 2070 Super then so maybe that was it (I did see the next driver update had fixes artefacts/graphics corruption in its patch notes for certain games).

I've also seen that just changing input on my TV (or even just turning the TV off and back on) and coming back or just Alt + Tabbing out sorts out any visual oddities. I've tried aa bunch of cables and the current one occasionally gives me the white dots, but far less.

This makes me think the GPU isn't at fault here and that the white dots and drop outs are HDMI sparkles caused by a bad cable. As for Planet Coaster, don't know since I didn't screenshot. Maybe the game/drivers got it wrong at that point in history

EDIT: My GTX 780 was guilty of similar things using the same cables on this TV


Yeah well you know it yourself. If screenshots are fine then its after the fact, at the display side. Cable or display itself.

Sometimes i see threads asking to witness screen tearing and they record a game play video but not of the screen itself. What they see externally is not how the video is actually portrayed internally which is how others would see on their own setups watching the video and go huh?