Question What does this router diagnosis mean?

Apr 24, 2019
So I went to diagnose my router in my broswer by following the instructions of the manual (typing the username and the passwornd e.t.c.) and I did a DSL Line diagnosis with diagnosis type F4 Seg and VPI/VCI set to 8/35.The result that popped up is the following

Test count is 1
Success count is 0
Failure count is 1
Average response time is 0ms
Minimum response time is 0ms
Maximum response time is 0ms

What does is really mean?
Apr 24, 2019
I have OTE Speedport Entry-2i and I have this problem for about a month now that the singal is so weak in my house and i get 1 bar in my phone when I am exactly underneeth the router.I downloaded a program a saw that my neighbors are on the same chanell as mine.I changed the chanell a couple of times and nothing seems to be better.So that is why run the diagnosis.I think that this log will help you understand

Link Status Up
Modulation Type ADSL_2plus
Actual Rate(Up/Down) 1023/11211 kbps
Attainable Rate(Up/Down) 1075/11288 kbps
Noise Margin(Up/Down) 10.8/9.1 dB
Line Attenuation(Up/Down) 10/17 dB
Output Power(Up/Down) 12.4/18.8 dBm
Data Path(Up/Down) Fast/Fast
Interleave Depth(Up/Down) 1/1
Interleave Delay(Up/Down) 0/0 ms
INP(Up/Down) 0/0 symbols
Profile N/A
LinkEncap G.992.3_Annex_K_ATM
CRC Errors(Up/Down) 42/612
FEC Errors(Up/Down) 0/0
What you are testing is in no way related to the wifi,

The wifi power level can be either your router or your end device either could be the source of the problem. There are not many setting on wifi you can change. There might be a power level on the router but I doubt it and you can only REDUCE the power not increase it. The default on most devices is to transmit at the legal maximum.

I would test your phone on another router and make sure it works properly. After that if you do not get strong signal next to the router it means there is likely something wrong with the radio chips in the router. It is not real common but wifi chips do fail and you can not replace just the radio chips.