Question What does this test measure? Why different result on different devices?

May 16, 2023
Could anyone tell me what this test measures?

After going to that site, I check the US checkbox to test the connection to the Azure US servers. But, on my laptop (which is connected wirelessly) has a lower latency and more stable line (result) than if I am hardwired into my XBOX and do the test on a browser in my XBOX. When I test the result on my XBOX, I get spikes going into the 600 range (sometimes 800 range) on West Coast servers (that is the furthest from my location) every 10 seconds. Even on my XBOX the server closest to me I see Latency into the 300-400ms range every 10 seconds, sometimes every 5 seconds. I am having issues connecting to games on my XBOX and was wondering if this is why? EVery other test I do comes back ok. Even the test on the XBOX itself. But it seems my gaming connection is worse when these spikes are happening every 5 second versus every 10 seconds.

Also, why would my laptop, which is connected wirelessly, have a more stable a much lower latency MS than my Xbox, which is hardwired? On my laptop, wireless, I am pretty stable at around 100ms on the server closest to me. The west coast server gets to around 200ms. And It is much more stable as I dont see spikes every 5-10 seconds.

Thanks for all the help.