Question What Drivers do I Need for B550-A Pro?


You don't need the motherboard graphic driver if you use a separate GPU.

Flashing or updating the bios -- read your manual on it and insure that the power does not go out while doing it. It reprograms the CMOS to make changes to the motherboard bios. With such a new board you probably do not need to do it. It really should only be done to fix issues and you should understand the process well before starting.

edit: which bios version is currently loaded?
Hi I just completed my first PC build and I'm wondering which drivers on this list for my motherboard I need to download:

All of them? Or which, if any? The graphics driver is particularly large, and I've already downloaded the drivers for my GPU from AMD.

Also, what does flashing bios mean and do I need to do it? Thanks.
Windows will install drivers to enable basic functionality. To get significantly improved system performance, though, get the AMD chipset drivers from AMD's support website in order to get the latest available.

Probably not necessary as the Windows drivers are probably good enough, but the only other drivers I'd install from the motherboard mfr. are the LAN drivers and the Audio drivers (if it has a package for that). Avoid everything else, especially GPU drivers if you have a discrete GPU installed.

And, while not a driver, it's probably a good idea to update the BIOS. Not normally something to 'just do', but newer ones for Ryzen CPU's offer better and more complete memory support and very frequently fix problems not mentioned in release notes. This pretty well makes old rule of thumb about BIOS updates (don't do it unless you have a known problem) less important.
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