What equipement do i need as a beginner pc tech


Oct 6, 2010
I have just passed my comp a+ and wanted to start working as a pc tech from home. I just trying to buy everything i need. What do you think I would need.

I was thinking

Pc tool kit
Air dust Cans
xp service pack 3
Vista service pack 2
Ulimate boot cd
Malware and virus programs on cd
spare power lead
external hard drive How big should I buy?
spare psu
ddr 1 ,2 , 3 memory
spare dvd writer
spare monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Anything else


The external HDD I only use when backing up or recovering data, otherwise I use my 16GB flash drive. You have to decide if you want a power (power supply) or un-powered (NO power supply) external drive. As big as they come.

It would be nice to have a laptop; however, if you don't have one, I found it helpful to have a USB network card and a 10' patch-cord/network cable.


I had to reinstall XP and Vista, and it did not recognize the NIC. I used my USB NIC and downloaded the drivers.

Small Flashlight (MAGlight)

Linux LiveCD

How about a USB Hub, USB extension, USB printer cable, USB to USB Mini and USB Micro adapters, and USB flash drive.

Some other handy things


Dec 7, 2010
If you can, pick up a pair of RJ-45 Crimpers and learn how to make ethernet cable if you don't already. Buying bulk cable saves you and your customers a ton on cabling costs. You can get a 1000' box for around $100 USD.

Another BIG thing you'll want to get is a PSU tester. Very important. Saves a lot of time too.

I wouldn't use an external HDD, just get a 16GB flash drive (big enough to transport OS isos)

You will also definitely want a netbook to access router settings for your clients, download drivers/patches, etc for when your client's system cannot access the internet (happens frequently).

Wire cutters/strippers

Punchdown tool (if you're working with business networking)

Fox and hound (for line testing/location)

Line tester

You honestly don't NEED all of these things but they are definitely a part of a well-rounded toolkit. Pick them up as you need them.