Question What for a new GPU ?

Oct 5, 2020
What for a new GPU for build with AMD R5 2600 on MB Gigabyte AB-350M Gaming 3,1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD-Plextor M9PeGN + HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB/256MB cache,7200rpm/SATAIII(6Gb/s) and PSU-Seasonic S12-II 650W ... btw. till now running on ZOTAC 1080Ti/11G (with a small OC) ??? Running a 1440p QHD (2560x1440) ASUS ROG Strix 27"/144Hz/G-Sync/VA monitor.. and for next few years it stay so - mean the monitor! Have some options - ad 1) a new (prices go significantly down) 2080Ti or even better a second-hand 2080Ti from a good source (! with minimal a half-year warranty rest,to have enough time to test it!) ,i ´ve seen some pieces of 2080Ti good edition as Asus STRIX,GB Gaming TrioX,AORUS,etc.. with +/- 1 year warranty for a price under $400(!).. ad 2) new RTX 3080 in some premium edition (STRIX,AORUS,GamingX,etc..),but in shops they are "Out of stock!" and what i have info,it won´t be better for next months,maybe next year spring (omg! damn ´paper launch´ from nVidia :-( (Huang lies every time he open mouth!) and the prices of AIB edition are very high..i also think about a FE and give a full waterblock on it,because FE got the best chips (chips for AIB best edition are 2nd grade quality and for AIB budget editions is a 3rd grade trash! Samsungs "8nm" process is now very inefficient and many chips are in very bad quality! :-( ..also an original nVidia FE,witch got the best chips,with a water cooled full-block is evidently a good choice,but...(!!!) even FE cards are not to buy - they have so small numbers of those quality chips (the numbers are very low by all chips,not matter if quality ones ,which take nVidia for himself,or the 2nd&3rd grade chips for AIB cards producers) and whats worst,nobody knows,when it will be better,how i wrote higher,i´ve internal info,that in spring ´21 it should be slowly better,but who knows? Otherwise this time can give nVidia and AIB producers some time to solve the problem with capacitators,which is BIG (!),don´t trust them,when they say the old lies,as it´s minor problem,only a few cards are affected,etc... it´s more than 50% of some editions which have this "small problem"! Some producers make a good thing and take cards back and try to solve it,with combination of exchange some of the capatitors and nVidia make some as a "parch" in new drivers (but attention! their solution is slowing the cards down and /or undervolting a core..also -5 to -10% of performance to keep the worst cards stable! Anyway ,look away from this all,when an Asus (they evidently have the best solution/or make the PCB good from beginning,don´t know,have no insider in Asus HQ ;-) ,but Asus higher class edition hasn´t those problems and the others are fixing and looks OK) have on stock some STRIX or other good edition for a ´not-so-mad´ prize of ..ehm,better sit down..$800 for 3080 STRIX or $780 for Asus TUF Gaming (and also think on ZOTAC 3080 Trinity $795,GB 3080 Gaming OC $776 or GB 3080 Eagle OC $748,INNO3D 3080 iChillx4 $770 or iChillx3 $760 and TwinX2 for $750,PNY 3080 XLR8 Gaming EPIC-X RGB $730(!) ) ..for this eventuality i guess is good to plan also an update of CPU for something bit powerful (of course not Intel 🆒 ) as R7 3800X or any R9... but best wait on new Vermeer (Rx 5x00) with a MB on B550 chipset - but thats a theme for another post.. of course i think about this time 3080´s VRAM,which is with 10GB and with those prices,as a bad joke! Yeah,they say a 20GB version will be relased,but what else can we wait,then next price grow :-( ! 20GB should be a standard by 3080 series for prices at this level! I prefer to take this 20GB 3080 (when i take 3080!) in some of those edition i mentioned before. A 3090 is nonsense,don´t know what for a people will buy this? they got a 3080 performance + maybe 15% (when i am extremly optimistic +16% :p ) for a price tag + 100% !!! noone person with brain in head will buy it! (but i haven´t doubt that many people do it and feel themselves as a king of the world! shame..they become a title " King of sponsors for Huangs new yacht/supercar/playmate..oh,sry,girlfriend,etc.." and i got them one simplier title " <Mod Edit> 1st class!" (excuse me this word,pls). So much about new NVidias GPU´s. But what is really very interesting is the new AMD RDNA 2.0 architecture on very good chips made on quality 7nm TSMC process,which produce great stuff! INfo say,that they have maybe the highest utilization ever! They harvest more than 90% 1st class chips from waffer,a few pieces of 2nd class (but still very good) and that´s it! A "Big Navi" ,think Navi 21 (or maybe 22) should have the biggest chip ,which is AMD doing by TSMC now - about 536 mm2 (5700XT has a die size abou 250 mm2)! This high-end model (maybe named Radeon 6900XT ???) should have 16GB GDDR6 VRAM,256b memory bus,DirectX 12.2 full support (and Vulkan,of course) ,support also PCIe 4.0 (as new Ryzens and motherboards with chipsets X470,B550,X570),dual slot card,TDP 300W,GPU core-5120 shaders,320 TMUs,96 ROPs,80 CUs,8MB L2 cache,banwidth 512 GB/s...performance:192 GPix/s,640GTex/s,etc.. GPU core works from 1350MHz to 2000MHz+(boost),memory work on 2000MHz (19.6 Gbps effective) .. those are unbelievable specifications. AMD maybe can attack,with this card, the place between 3080/3090 !!! And that all for launch price about $600! Also when it will be after launch truth,then is it a great favourite! Guess a good edition from AIB,f.E. from AMD GPU best producer SAPPHIRE with classic quality edition NITRO+ can reach price about $700 ... we must wait few weeks,but if i got performance between 3080 and 3090 for $700 ( in very good AIB edition) ,then is the question of future GPU maybe answered?

But i want to know your opinion,i appreciate your help with my quation.And all about is welcome - your experiences,good/bad with 3080/3070 and also 3090 nVidia cards (the lucky ones,who have them) and all info about RTX 3000 card series.. and most welcome are any info about new "Big Navi" cards from AMD ,also your experience with 5700/5700XT using,their pros/cons,etc... All info about future 6900/6900XT (Navi 21) from inside AIB producers or from AMD..all from it,let me know,please!

Thanks to you all!
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