What games can 256MB Nvidia GeForce 8200M handle


Oct 17, 2011
Hi. I just purchased a laptop with one of these off CL as a stand in while I wait for my normal notebook to come back to me. It was a very decent price, so I got it.
Anyway, just because I am an enthusiast (I still have my Athlon 800 w/ Rage Fury card)... I like to stress test ALL of my comps. I installed CounterStrike and a few other games on it. I know that notebookcheck STILL uses counterstrike as a benchmark, so I feel comfortable using it as the same.

So I can run counterstrike in high settings (no 2xAA - No "Special" Effects) ONLY if there are 8 or so people on the server. If I play a server with 18 or more people, I drop the settings to pretty much medium to medium-low. I can play a few older games like Civilization 4 (low-graphics) and others on it. So can you game: YES. Anyone that says NO-Not at all, is wrong.

You can play most older games at low settings and have a fair amount of fun. But this is NOT a gaming GPU AT ALL!