Question What Gaming Keyboard should i get?

Mar 8, 2022
As the thread title says, what keyboard should i get? I don't mind the price as long as it doesn't go above 200$/€.

It will be mainly used for gaming, FPS games to be particular, still not sure what type of switches to go for either clicky, linear or tactile ones. I like the clicky ones because of their sound since it gives you this satisfaction of clicks once pressed down, but im afraid they are too loud that not even a headset will partly cover the sound of it, also i tend to use the computer in late nights so I wouldn't like to make any noise out of respect for my surroundings.

Another option that interests me are linear switches because of it's near silent switches but the thing that sets me back from getting it is because of my impression that linear switches feels laptop-like keyboard which me personally not a huge fan of laptop keyboard. I'm not familiar with mechanical keyboard so i might be in the wrong here, which is why i made this thread.

To note, most of my gear is Razer branded except the keyboard, so I guess Razor keyboard would suit me better? Or Razor keyboards are a big no-no?

Any help, suggestions are more than welcome!


If you want a Razer loadout, it's up to you.

For switches, you might want to do some research with YT videos and how each particular switch sounds on a keyboard, under a keycap...not when the switch is outside of the keyboard housing. If you type, look at linears or tactiles. If you're someone who wants to annoy your partner, households, roommates or your neighbors, get clicky's. Razer's gear are overpriced, IMHO, they are also give you far less for what you pay for, meaning lubricated switches from the factory, in order to maximize their profits.

Mechanical keyboards are a whole different world and that world is further opened when you start factoring in that not everyone likes the same switch, the same dampening, the same sound profile and tone of the switches, not to mention the desk atop which you type on, since a desk mat will affect your sound profile and typing experience.

I went in the deep end with mechanical keyboards, now I have three "fruit" switches(Kiwi, Tangerines >both light and dark greens) and I intend to mod my Corsair K65 Compact(the one made a decade ago). So, if you want to mod your keyboard, start with a basic platform like one by Glorious, Keychron or Dareu and then get a feel for it as is, then mod it to your hearts content. Stay away from NZXT's keyboard's they are expensive plastic.